Michael Jackson was arguably the greatest entertainer of our time.  Most would not question that fact.  His record-breaking album sales, smooth dance moves, his world-wide celebrity.  These are the things that come to mind for most when his name is mentioned. 

But that glory, talent and fame is tainted by questions and accusations for some.... A seeming shroud of disgusting deeds done, that celebrity and money bought off. Seemingly strange behavior....no morality....Perhaps this describes how you see Michael Jackson?

Some find certain dance moves disgusting or indicating a man whose morality left him as soon as the money started rolling in.  Some feel he was strange.  So much confusion.

He was accused of pedophelia, was he a pedophile?  Did he want to be white?  Why was he so strange?  You have questions and you want answers.  Maybe you don't have any questions at all and you are 100% certain that the Michael Jackson you saw portayed in the media was just as strange and sick as they said he was.  If this describes you, you've come to the right place.  Stick around and see what we uncover.

Never has someone in the public eye been at the very same time, so celebrated and yet so villified. So loved, and yet, so hated.

Much has been said about Michael Jackson and many believe certain things about him.  Things that we've all read and seen.  The information out in the media and the public seems to point to Michael Jackson being a certain kind of person...pedophile, freak, weirdo, misguided genius....but was he?  We need to know the truth.

Here, we will address some of the most common criticisms, statements and accusations that came against Michael Jackson.

Whether you are a Michael Jackson fan, a staunch critic (labeled by some as a hater who couldn't care a less about Michael Jackson...in fact, you've done your own fair share of entertaining your friends with jokes about Michael) or someone sitting on the fence....this website is for you.  Because our goal is to get at the absolute truth. 

The only caveat?  Take just a few minutes to read the information here, watch the included videos, and check out the links provided so that you will be well educated on the opinion you hold.

Who was Michael Jackson, Really?
What is fact and what is fiction when it comes to Michael Jackson?  Who was he, really?

Is everything we were shown of Michael, including the image of him during his 2005 trial, accurate?  We need to know as most of us formed our opinions about him due to the media, the trial and the Martin Bashir documentary.

Whether you like Michael Jackson, or you don't...whether you go as far as saying that you hate him or you love him....whether you believe he was guilty, or he wasn't....whatever you think of him... or even if you don't care about him at all...you are in the right place. 

The Questions & The Answers:

Below are common statements and questions about Michael Jackson we've heard over and over again that we want to address.  You have questions and want answers.  We are here to give you the answers and the truth.

"Michael Jackson lied about the plastic surgery he had, so why wouldn't he lie also about molesting young boys?"

Many have brought this up and IF you believe what the media said about Michael and especially about his plastic surgery, this is a concern.

But, the question is... is what the media said about his plastic surgery true AND

Did Michael lie about the plastic surgery he had, OR was he telling the truth?

LET'S FIND OUT....The Answer

"Didn't Michael pay off the boy's family (Jordan Chandler) in 1993?....if that doesn't reek of guilt, I don't know what does!   Doesn't that prove he was guilty?  It was hush money and he was paying them off to keep quiet.  Celebrity and money can buy your way out of anything!":

This is an often argued statement.  It seems clear cut.  Boy accuses Michael of molestation.  Michael pays off the family.  Conclusion:  Guilt? 

But it is really that simple?  We will need to look further into the particulars to discover truth and to see whether or not Michael Jackson was guilty of such a heinous act.

LET'S FIND OUT...The Answer

"He was accused again in 2003 of molestation.  You can't tell me that he would be accused twice if he wasn't truly guilty!":

The fact that Michael Jackson was accused of the same thing twice is a sticking point with a lot of people.  After all, why would he be accused again of the same thing, if he weren't truly guilty? 

What really happened?

LET'S FIND OUT...The Answer

"Didn't Michael sleep with young children?  Young boys in particular?"

Michael even admitted to having young children in his bed, some have said.  It's a no-brainer to come to the conclusion that something wasn't right with this man....

Or is it?  We will delve into this further to see what the truth brings.

LET'S FIND OUT...The Answer

"Michael Jackson was just another shallow celebrity who used money to get what he wanted":

This is an easy conclusion to come to because, as the public, we see a steady deluge of celebrities flitting across our screens daily.  Some are selfish and self-centered.  Many abuse their celebrity status to get what they want.  They spend inordinate amounts of money on themselves.  BUT....was this true of Michael Jackson?

LET'S FIND OUT...The Answer

"Michael's life was a wasted life, void of God and faith and morals":

This statement is made by a select group of people within the church.  Many believe that the kind of dancing Michael did made him a certain kind of person.  The accusations of child molestation that came against him in 1993 and again in 2003, surely show that Michael's life was not being led by God....some would say.  Some in the church say that Michael showed no fruits of the spirit and that he served mammon (money) and not God.

Is this the truth?  It's important to know.

LET'S FIND OUT....The Answer

"The guy was a freak, a whacko!  His behavior was strange, he dressed strangely, had all of that plastic surgery, etc.":

I think it goes without saying that in our society, anybody who comes across as different is automatically made fun of, ridiculed, misunderstood.  Think of the bully at school who spent his time harassing kids who were "different" somehow. 

But was this the case with Michael Jackson, was Michael viewed wrongly...OR, was he truly strange and eccentric?

LET'S FIND OUT...The Answer

"Didn't he bleach his skin so that he could become white?  He didn't want to be black.  He turned his back on the African American community.  He never dated anyone of color."

This is something people can't help but notice about Michael Jackson.  He was black, then, over a period of time, he was white. 

What is the truth here?  Did Michael not want to be black?  Did he spend his millions on bleaching creams and treatments to make himself a white man?  We will find out!

LET'S FIND OUT...The Answer

"I like his music.  He was a great singer and dancer...but that's where it ends.  Why make such a big deal of a guy who can sing and dance?"

Many who saw the media's portrayal of Michael have been left feeling as if Michael's only caveat to fame and notoriety, was that he could sing and dance.

Is this the truth?  Or, is there more?

LET'S FIND OUT:...The Answer

"He hasn't had a hit song in 10 years, 20 years.  He's done nothing worthwhile in that time"

Is this true?  Was Michael a couple hit wonder, with his songs "Beat It", "Billie Jean" and "Thriller?"  Or did he have a rich plethora of music that you didn't even realize?

Had he really been absent from the music scene or not making a difference in the last 10-20 years?

LET'S FIND OUT....The Answer

"He's dead.  He's been gone for several years now.  Who cares.  Why does it matter?"

LET's FIND OUT...The Answer

Brace Yourself...Because the truth is about to be revealed.
Ready For Some Real Truth Now?

Love Michael Jackson?  Hate Him?  Not Sure?

Are you ready to put aside everything you've heard & all of your preconceptions?  We are going to honestly and truthfully, answer all of your questions.
Here are the answers to all of your questions.
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